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Event Name : Art & Film Festival

Place : Maquinez Palace & INOX Building,Goa

Date Time : 25,May 2017 12:05 AM - 27,May 2017 12:05 AM

Johar Jharkhand Art and Film Festival

Government of Jharkhand and government of Goa have come together to organize an event named Johar Jharkhand Art and Film Festival under the government of India’s initiative “ek bharat shreshth bharat” , Jharkhand art and film festival is being organized in goa from 25 to 27 may 2017. During the event various activities like Feature Films, Documentary Films, Short Films, and Jharkhand’s cultural performance traditional dance will be performed. These activities helps people to understand the culture and tradition of Jharkhand and provide a unique platform for an exchange of traditional cultural forms and practices, heritage, customs and traditions, indigenous crafts and allied cultural expressions.

Cultural Programs

Nagpuri: Nagpuri dance style is a folk dance of mixed nature, which start slowly and become very fast

Saraikela Chhau: This is male dominated dance which is performed with mask or without mask to attract or to hunt secretly is also a description of this dance.

Manbhum Chhau: The Manbhum Chhau is a martial art dance performed by all communities of Jharkhand where the group of dance use heavy masks and brightly coloured costumes and traditional ornaments to give an attractive look. The mask is used for description of character.

Paika: Paika Dance symbolizes battel-art having no songs, music and performance body language speak highly of the content

Shiv Vandana: Is based on the sacred lines “Shankar” Girjapati Mahadeov “Parvati Pateshwar, Aradhnareshwar, Tandava will also performed.

Sitar and Sarod Vadan (By Kedia Brothers)

Kedia brothers, the artists of international repute will present Sitar-Sarod, Jugalbandi based on the raga kirwani, taal teen, taal vilambit and duratgat jhala and atiduratlay. The question-answer through the musical instrument will definitely enchant the audience. The raga kirwani well known in South Indian has attained popularity in North India too. This is a popular evening raga.

Edapakana (Going Home)

Synopsys: Ashok goes back to his village with an agenda. At home he discovers that his parents have chosen for a bride for him. Caught between the dual realities of orthodox village life and his progressive ct life he struggles to speak his mind.

Gadi Lohardaga Mail

Synopsys: People memories of the narrow gauge train that ran between Ranchi and Lohardaga- a journey of yesteryear’s that’s now a part of the local history.

Ranchi was brought on the Indian railway map with the opening of the Purulia Ranchi narrow gaurge line in November 1907. This line was extended up to Lohardaga in 1911. A narrow gauge train ran on the track till January 2004, when it was withdrawn as conversion of the section into a broad gauge one began.