Located in a quiet environment between dense forests 5 kilometers from Ramgarh and 4 kilometers from Barkakana, the China Cemetery You can reach here easily with the pucca and better roads built due to the BJP's initiative of the NDA government of Jharkhand.

The Chinese cemetery is spread over a vast area of ​​8 acres. A paved road has also been constructed inside this cemetery. The entire graveyard area attracts you as a beautiful garden. The colorful flowers of flowers filled with colorful fragrances are waiting for you to embrace

The cemeteries of worship sites and soldiers in this China cemetery are very attractive. The big thing is that you will easily see a glimpse of Chinese art and culture here. Within the China Cemetery there is a pillar with a height of about 30 feet.



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Sheikh Bhikhari Sahid Sthal

Sheikh Bhikhari Sahid Sthal

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