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Event Name : Shravani Mela 2018

Place : Deoghar

Date Time : 28,Jul 2018 04:07 AM - 27,Aug 2018 11:08 PM

In Jharkhand an also in many part of the neighboring as well as distant states, the month of Shravan (July- August) is almost synonymous with Baidyanath Dham or Baba Dham as it is also known.

Come Shravan and scores of people from those states throng to Deoghar that literary means the abode of the God for offering puja at the ancient temple of the presiding deity Lord Shiva who is also known as Ravaneshwar.

There is no definite information about when the temple was constructed or by whom. But the importance of Deoghar mentioned in old spiritual texts like the Shivpurana suggests it must be around a thousand years since it was made.

The added attraction of Baidyanath Dham temple is that it is believed that the Shivalinga here is one of the twelve Jyotirlingam Scattered across the country.

The main temple is 72 Feet High attractive structure with a pyramidal tower that faced east. The top of the tower has three gold vessels and a Panchsula (five spears set in a trident-like shape). Inside the temple, there is an eight-petal lotus jewel called Chandrakanta Mani. The sacred Shivalinga is placed inside the sanctum sanctorum.

The temple complex also has 22 other shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses including one Shaktipeeth-one of the total 52 across the country that are dedicated to Goddess Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva.

The devotees visiting Deoghar during Shravan collect water in earthen pots from the river Ganga at Sultanpur across the border of Bihar and trek about 107 kms carrying that water in those earthen posts tied to a decorated bamboo pole known as Kanwar that is hung from the shoulders of the devotees that earned them a sobriquet, kanwariayas.

They carry the kanwar in a very respectful manner through the journey and patiently stand, on reaching Deoghar, in very long serpentine queue that takes hours on end to reach the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple where they offer the painstakingly carried water to Shivalinga there.

The ritual continues for the entire month of shravan and the entire process during this period is known as Shravani Mela. Such is the rush of devotees during this month and even during the rest of the year that their movement has been recognized as the most important religious tourism of the state that contributes maximum to the tourist traffic of Jharkhand.

(Content Reference: A Quaterly Travel Magazine by JTDC "Johar JHARKHAND")